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Capito Clear Winner in Chamber Forum Debate



CHARLESTON, WV – Republican West Virginia U.S. Senate candidate Shelley Moore Capito went head to head with Democratic Senate candidate Natalie Tennant today at the West Virginia Chamber of Commerce's Senate candidate forum and emerged the clear winner. Capito's message of certainty, and working across the aisle to do what is right for West Virginia presented a stark contrast to Natalie Tennant's stale talking points and desperate attacks. The Capito campaign released the following statement in response:

“Today we saw first-hand which candidate truly represents West Virginia and which candidate will stop at nothing to join Obama and Harry Reid in Washington. While Shelley shared her vision for putting the state on a path toward job growth and economic prosperity, Natalie Tennant launched desperate and deplorable attacks to try and save her fledging campaign that continues to fall behind in both polls and fundraising. It's clear Shelley Moore Capito had the winning message in today's forum and West Virginians recognize her as the only candidate in this race who can be trusted to sand up to Obama and always do what is right for West Virginia.” – Capito campaign spokesperson Amy Graham.


Myth: In her forum speech Tennant said that Barack Obama, Harry Reid and Elizabeth Warren are not on the ballot.

Fact: Natalie Tennant is desperate to try and remove Obama, Reid and Warren from the conversation because she knows her support of the Obama-Reid-Warren anti-coal agenda is tanking her campaign. Despite her best attempts to hide her support of Obama and his anti-coal allies, West Virginians aren't buying her act, as evidenced by recent polls. As Tennant's own campaign manager said, Tennant agrees with Obama “on most of his policies.” And, Natalie Tennant is Harry Reid's candidate. Reid hand-picked her to run, donated $10,000 to her campaign and sent his Senate Majority PAC to air attack ads on Tennant's behalf in West Virginia. This race is about the harmful policies coming from Obama and his liberal allies in Washington and Natalie Tennant's desperate efforts to join them in Washington.

Natalie Tennant's coal evolution

· 2008: Natalie Tennant hit the campaign trail with enthusiasm in support of Barack Obama in 2008 despite his promise to bankrupt coal.

2012: At the 2012 Democratic National Convention, Tennant defended Obama's anti-coal agenda, saying “coal jobs actually increased under Obama” and that she didn't see his energy policies as “getting rid of coal.”

2013: Natalie Tennant personally donated to President Obama's Inaugural Committee.

2013: After attending a meeting with EPA Secretary Gina McCarthy in DC, Tennant gave Obama and the EPA cover by saying that the problem is not the EPA's harmful policies, but a matter of communication.

2013: At a New York City fundraiser, Michelle Obama endorsed Natalie Tennant, saying it was “critical” she become the state's next U.S. Senator.

2014: Natalie Tennant has changed her tune since running for Senate and claims she'll stand up to Obama and anyone else on coal, but she continues to take cash and support from anti-coal activists behind voters' backs.

Myth: Shelley Moore Capito puts Wall Street before West Virginia.

Fact: When Wall Street came looking for a bailout, Shelley said no – twice – because it was the right thing to do for West Virginia. When regulations from the Obama administration threatened to limit access to credit for stay at home spouses and limit the ability of Habitat for Humanity to serve low income families, Shelley successfully worked to preserve their access to credit. And, when large credit card companies started engaging in practices that were harming consumers, Congresswoman Capito voted to crack down on their practices and protect consumers:

West Virginia's community lenders are struggling to handle the growing regulatory burden imposed by Obama and his allies following the financial crisis. Shelley is fighting back and has been a huge advocate for local lenders who help provide hard-working West Virginians with the financial resources needed to feed their families and put a roof over their heads.

The Tennant campaign's attacks over the card swipe fees bill are not only false, they are also attacks against Senator Joe Manchin, who voted for the Senate version of this bill, and Congressman Nick Rahall who was a co-sponsor in the House.

· The legislation Shelley Moore Capito authored was to study the impact of a new card swipe fee cap for processing debit card transactions (not credit cards as Tennant has repeatedly stated). Capito was concerned about how these new regulations would impact consumers, small businesses and community lenders. The purpose of the bi-partisan bill Rep. Capito authored with Democratic National Committee Chairwoman, Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, would have delayed the implementation of the card swipe fees for one year until questions and concerns could be studied. The bill received overwhelming bi-partisan support from at least 42 Democratic co-sponsors, including Congressman Nick Rahall, and Senator Joe Manchin voted for the bill's equivalent in the Senate. Three years later, after the bill did not pass, consumers have lost access to some financial services that were once free, small businesses have higher costs, and much uncertainty remains as the rule continues to be challenged in the courts. If a study had been conducted, like Rep. Capito and DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz's bill proposed, many of these questions could have been answered and the consequences could have been avoided.

Myth: Shelley Moore Capito wants to privatize social security

FACT: These scare tactics are not only wrong they are shameful. Shelley Moore Capito does not support privatizing social security. Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer event wrote a letter to the President in 2005 citing Shelley Moore Capito's opposition to Social Security privatization. View the letter here. Excerpt:

Rep. Shelley Moore Capito (R-WV)

“According to the Washington Post, Moore Capito told reporters in 2002 that she was ‘opposed to putting Social Security funds in the stock market and investing it willy-nilly, like Russian roulette'” [Washington Post, 9/13/02]

“[Constituents] wanted to know if Capito, a Republican in a traditionally Democratic state that has twice voted for Bush, supports the president's approach. ‘Not at this moment,' she said.” [CQ 2/28/05]

Ryan Budget and Social Security

· The fiscal year 2010 Ryan budget did include partial social security changes for those under age 55. Shelley voted against the Ryan budget that year. That provision has been left out of the four most recent budgets that Shelley has voted for.

· There have been no benefit changes for social security in the past four budgets.

Myth: Shelley Moore Capito wants to end Medicare as we know it

Fact: Natalie Tennant is shamefully trying to win votes by scaring seniors with lies about Shelley Moore Capito's record. Tennant's tactics reveal just how desperate she is to distract voters from her support of Obama and his War on Coal and jobs. Shelley absolutely believes we need to protect Medicare for current seniors while working to ensure the program exists for future seniors.

· The lie about the Ryan budget ending Medicare has been debunked repeatedly and was Politifact's 2011 Lie of the Year.

· According to the Congressional Budget Office, both seniors and the government actually save money under a Medicare plan like that in the latest Ryan Budget.

· There is no change for current and soon-to-be seniors and we begin working toward better care at a better price.

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