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Hatfields & McCoys Feud Over Trademark


 Beckley (WVVA) The Hatfields & McCoys Feud is making headlines once again. Except this time, they're fighting for their trademark.

Mark Hatfield, who is the great great grandson of Devil Annse Hatfield,  was a star of the hit history channel show 'Hatfields & McCoys: White Lighting,' where he and his family produce a famous brand of moonshine.

He claims that during production, a partner company called the Legendary Hatfields & McCoys took several of their secret recipes, including their 'Drink of the Devil.' Now, he says the company based in St. Louis has applied for trademarks that would put his family's store out of business.

"They think they're dealing with completely dumb hillbillies. But they're dealing with one now that's not as dumb as they anticipated. The biggest thing is my sister who owns a company called Hatfield and McCoy Moonshine: The Drink of the Devil.' They're trying to shut her down," said Hatfield.

Although he says his family stands to gain substantially from the company's profits, he says he doesn't care.

In the course of working on this story, WVVA reached out to the Legendary Hatfields & McCoys company for their side of the story. We're still awaiting a response.

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