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Heroin Addiction Making a Comeback


 Beckley (WVVA) -- As authorities crack down on clinics that prescribe pain pills, addicts are turning to a cheaper, far more deadly drug.

Deputies on the Raleigh County Sheriff's Dept. Drug Task Force said more than $95,000 in heroin has been seized in the area since February.

Officers in the area say there's a shift going on, from the costlier prescription pills to a far more deadly addiction.

 "It's easier to get, it's cheaper, and the high is more intense," said recovering addict Adam Bellew. When he made the switch from pills to heroin, it was all about the price of getting high.

"I've hit rock bottom a few times, but I've always managed to find that trap door to fall a little farther," said Bellew.

When he fell, Brian's Safehouse and Steve O'Field picked him up.  Bellew has been clean for more than six months thanks to the Beckley rehabilitation center.

 "It's never too late to seek out and reach out to people in the community. You need an accountability buddy," said Bellew. 

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