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Raleigh County Communities Weigh Annexation

Beckley (WVVA) Several Raleigh County communities are weighing whether to become part of the city of Beckley.

Rural Acres, Sprague, Skelton and parts of Cranberry, Prosperity, and Stanaford Acres are all on the table to be incorporated.

But as city leaders make their case for annexation, many residents in the area are weighing whether it is worth it.

While the move would increase property taxes for some homeowners, Beckley's Fire Chief, Billie Trump believes the increase would be offset by lower homeowner's insurance. “When insurance companies look at the risk that comes with owning a home, they look at a number of things, but one of the most important determining factors is proximity to a fire station.”

Right now, city leaders are working on a petition to distribute to homeowners in the proposed outlying areas. If a majority of residents sign, annexation must then be approved by both the Beckley Common Council and the Raleigh County Commission.

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