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New craft brewery comes to Greenbrier County

LEWISBURG (WVVA) - A new craft brewery is planting its roots right outside of Lewisburg.

Greenbrier Valley Brewing Company is still in its building and preparation phase, but they hope in the next two weeks to start brewing. The wildly wonderful brewery is the brainchild of two beer enthusiasts, Wil Laska and David Kucera.

They met by chance at the Irish Pub in downtown Lewisburg two years ago.

"It's like raising children almost, you put your heart and effort into and work into it and resources," Laska told WVVA. "A lot of challenges, and it was a lot harder than I thought it would be, but we're almost there."

The owners brought in a third beer connoisseur, Brian Reymiller, to become their brewmeister. He says he's done a lot of research to get to this point. "I've drank a lot of beer... a lot of beer."

Reymiller hopes the beer can be true to the state it comes from. "We want people to come and remember what a great time they had in West Virginia, whether they're rafter, whether they're hiking, canoeing, backpacking. And we want them to enjoy a great beer when they get done with their activities."

The brewery is a new $1.3 million facility that includes efficient technology that will help use more of the grains and less water supply.

"It's new to the microbrewing world," Laska said. "It's used with a lot of big guys overseas."

While all of their equipment is new, the company is already looking at expanding by getting two more fermenters that will be twice this size.

The team hopes they can start selling their beer in mid to late July.

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