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Summers Co. gets new k9 unit

HINTON, W. Va (WVVA)-- After more than five years without one, the Summers County Sheriff's office finally has a K9 unit.

Her name is Kayla, and she's a Dutch Shepherd. Sergeant TJ Cochran says it's been a struggle without her.

"It's been a nightmare," he said, "[when] you attempt to search a vehicle. Especially the newer vehicles, there are so many little compartments in them." He believes a dog would be better at finding any hidden drugs inside.

Deputy TS Adkins is Kayla's handler and partner. For this team, this summer begins a learning process, especially in narcotics detection.

"That's the most important aspect of the dog," said Adkins,"[because] that's the biggest problem we have here."

"Having a dog on a traffic stop can mean a world of difference. You never know what's driving by," added Cochran.

Adkins says Kayla is not aggressive, but she's very protective toward him. They have a bond that assures him that Kayla will have his back when he needs her most.

"We are a team. And that's how I feel when she's by my side," he said.

Including training costs, Kayla's sticker price is around $8000. The Sheriff's Office is working to fund that, using fundraisers like an upcoming Glow Walk in Hinton on the 30th at 8:30 PM. 

But for their safety, and the public's, deputies say it's worth the hard work.

"It's going to save possibly officers lives, civilians lives, possibly even suspects lives," said Cochran. "Because a dog can diffuse a situation where we would have to use some type of deadly force."

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