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TCPS to host Kindergarten Kamp for students

Kindergarten students will be introduced to school and learning in a relaxed, fun-filled way the week of August 11-15, 2014. For those students registered to attend Tazewell County Public Schools in the fall, Kindergarten Kamp will allow them to make new friends and get accustomed to their surroundings and teachers.
Kindergarten Kamp will run from 8:30 a.m. until 11:30 a.m., this is a free program for upcoming Kindergarten students for the 2014-2015 school year. Transportation on main bus routes will also be provided for students. A snack will be provided by the school to students in attendance during the Kamp. This Kamp is a great way for students to know what to expect when the school year starts such as getting up early and being at school during the day.
“This is a great way to acquaint children with their new school and to make the first few days less stressful for everyone – parents, students and teachers,” said Kristina Welch, Supervisor of Elementary Education and Title I.
Each day the students will learn about the school building and locations of facilities, classroom routines and school expectations/rules. Students will learn morning routines, end of day dismissal protocol, and bus safety. They will also learn to participate in ordinary classroom conversations, follow simple instructions/directions, expressing choices to others and cleaning up play centers.
“We hope this overall experience will make starting school easier since the students will be more familiar with the expectations and routines when school begins,” said Welch.
Parents must have registered their child to attend Kindergarten by August 4, 2014. Also, parents of students attending Kindergarten Kamp should receive a letter by mail and directed to call the school in which their child is planning to attend in the fall, to notify the school of their plan to attend Kamp.
For parents that have not registered their child for Kindergarten and wish to do so please call the school in which your child would attend for more information. Children must be five-years-old on or before September 30, 2014 to attend. Deadline for Kindergarten registration is August 4, 2014.
For more information on Kindergarten Kamp and the bus routes that will be utilized during the Kamp please call the elementary school in which your child will attend Kamp.

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