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UPDATE: Mother of Timothy Hill Speaks Out

Timmy Hill Timmy Hill

KEGLEY (WVVA)- Michele Hill, the mother of Timothy Hill, the 18-year-old killed in an officer related shooting is speaking out. 

Michelle Hill claims Trooper B. D. Gillespie was harassing her son over a motorcycle. 

In an interview with the Charleston Gazette, Hill says she went to Mercer County Sheriff's Deputy Joe Parks in March. Hill says she asked him solely for advice. In the article, Parks says he advised her to contact Gillespie's superior. 

Hill says, "I didn't ask for him to do something, I asked for his opinion. I felt like a lot of times if you make a complaint it makes things worse and I didn't want to make things any worse than they already were "

At this time there is no indication of whether or not there will be an independent investigation into the shooting. 


KEGLEY (WVVA) - A man is shot dead after an altercation with a West Virginia state trooper near the officer's Mercer County home.

According to a news release from the State Police, the incident occurred near the home of Senior Trooper B. D. Gillespie after three individuals were spotted by the trooper's wife tampering with the couple's personal vehicle and Gillespie's cruiser.

Gillespie pursued the individuals in his cruiser and uniform, the release states, locating them approximately a quarter-mile from his home.

During questioning, one of the three -- identified as Timothy Hill -- became belligerent and refused to comply with Gillespie's commands, the release says. The two other subjects left the scene.

An altercation ensued between Gillespie and Hill. The release says Gillespie sprayed Hill with pepper spray and struck him with a baton. The two fell to the ground with Hill on top of Gillespie, when a nearby resident came to the trooper's aid.

The resident, Clark Crews says, "I just bolted out the door and asked the officer if he needed assistance and he said yes, get him off of me. I proceeded to grab the gentleman's arm and we tumbled down the hill into the water."

During the struggle all three rolled into a culvert where the release says Hill attempted to take Gillespie's gun. Gillespie gained control of his firearm and shot Hill twice, killing him.

Friends of Timothy Hill say that doesn't sound like the "Timmy" they know. LeAnn Stroupe says, "If that cop told him to stop doing something he would've. He probably would've rolled his eyes but he would've done it.

They say he was a "good kid."

This is an ongoing investigation.

Following is the full news release:

MERCER COUNTY - On Thursday night, June 12, 2014, Senior Trooper B. D. Gillespie was awakened by his wife who was screaming at three men in their driveway, tampering with their personal vehicle and Senior Trooper Gillespie's cruiser. Senior Trooper Gillespie, in his Class A uniform and cruiser, began looking for the subjects. Senior Trooper Gillespie eventually located the three subjects walking in the roadway, approximately a quarter mile from his residence. Senior Trooper Gillespie began questioning the three subjects about tampering with the vehicles and the three subjects gave conflicting stories about what happened at the Gillespie residence.

Upon further inquiry, Timothy Hill became belligerent and refused to comply with lawful commands made in the interest of safety which included placing his hands behind his back to be patted down for officer safety. The other two subjects left when Timothy Hill became combative. Senior Trooper Gillespie attempted to take Hill into custody for obstructing. Hill’s combativeness increased and he began fighting with Senior Trooper Gillespie.

During the fight, Senior Trooper Gillespie sprayed Hill with capstun and struck him with a closed ASP baton. Senior Trooper Gillespie and Hill fell to the ground, where Hill got on top of Senior Trooper Gillespie. A nearby resident witnessed the fight and went to help Senior Trooper Gillespie. At this time, all three men rolled into a deep culvert, where Hill attempted to disarm Senior Trooper Gillespie. Senior Trooper Gillespie was able to get control of his handgun and shot Timothy Hill two times, fatally wounding him.

This is currently an ongoing investigation.

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