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Three-car crash sends woman to hospital

BLUEFIELD, WV (WVVA) - It was apparently a slip of the foot that caused a three-car crash that sent one woman to the hospital.

Authorities say an elderly woman accidentally hit her gas pedal instead of the break, sending her crashing into a yellow cobalt and then into that cement wall and knocking over a street light.

Bluefield, WV Fire Department says that woman is O.K. and refused any treatment.

However, the impact to the cobalt sent the car spinning over into a third car.

The collision was so severe; firefighters had to cut the cobalt's door off to free the woman.

"The lady was complaining of significant back pain, lower back pain, so we treated her and put her in a [cervical] spine, loaded her up and took her to Bluefield Regional," Lt. Rick Cary told WVVA.

The driver of the third car told WVVA he was sitting at the red light when out of no where he was hit by the cobalt. He says he didn't even see the initial hit.

Firefighters say he also refused treatment.

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