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Doctors warn about spring allergy season

BECKLEY (WVVA) -- Even though the weather is still chilly, the calendar says spring.  That means allergy season is right around the corner.  

Doctors say this allergy season could be especially rough.

Since 2013-2014 has been such a cold winter, the trees will probably bloom all at once, meaning if you suffer from tree pollen, you'll want to watch out.

The good news is the season should not be so bad that you cannot control your allergies with medication.

Dr. Paine at Mountain State ENT in Beckley suggests starting with a nasal spray and supplementing with an oral antihistamine on tougher days.

"What you usually see with pollen is that when it's hot and dry, you have a lot more pollen in the air, so when you have thunderstorms, the air is cleaned," says Dr. Allen James Paine Jr.  "Usually right after a thunderstorm, people have a little reprieve from their system, so it's a little better for them."

If you choose to go with an oral antihistamine, three over-the-counter medicines that Paine recommends are Allegra, Zyrtec and Claritin.
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