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Best of the Two Virginias: Road to the Horse

Bobby Knight, a local horseman, has become the first person in West Virginia to receive a bid to compete in one of the world's most prestigious horsemanship competitions.

The Road to the Horse is an international competition which takes place annually in Lexington, Kentucky. During the competition's main event, which is scheduled for next March, horseman must perform several tasks.

"You have about four hours to start an unhandled ranch horse that they bring in. It's a three-year-old. You have three hours to work with this horse and bring it through an obstacle course at the end of the event," said Knight.

Bobby is getting ready to compete with some of the biggest names known in horsemanship from around the world, and if he's lucky enough to win the competition, he takes home the prize of $100,000.

"I'm excited about the competition. To have been selected is a huge honor, and I'm looking forward to the journey ahead," he said.

That journey begins with a three-year-old colt named Wildcat. Bobby must train him first and show him in a wildcard competition which takes place right before the main event.

"We're competing with our horse. We'll take him back in a year at the event, broadcast him, and whoever wins that event has the opportunity to step into the ring with the main clinicians."

Bobby tells us he's enjoyed training Wildcat so far, but does admit to the difficulties of training a young colt.

"One week and one concussion later we're doing pretty good. He's been great. He's really willing... there's not a lot of trust there. You have to develop the trust. These are fairly wild animals. They've been handled very little."

Difficult or not, Bobby says he's in it to win it.

If you would like to follow Bobby's progress, you can check out his website here.  If you're interested in learning more about the Road to the Horse, you can visit their website here.

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