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Flood Safety: Having a Plan


Having a plan is important for most things in life, but it is especially important when it comes to flood safety. Floods are something that can be forecasted in advance, but it is still important to always be prepared for the weather.

Before a flood, it is important to know your area and what you have. This is important for both flood insurance and personal purposes. If a major flood hits your area, knowing what you own will help your insurance claim. Additionally, knowing what valuables you have will allow you to find a way to protect them from damage before flood waters arrive.

During a flood, one of the keys is staying information. There are many ways to do that here with WVVA, including social media, online, on-air, and with our mobile app. Other important safety tips during floods include getting to higher ground, listening to potential evacuation orders, and staying away from flooded waters. Remember, it only takes 6" to sweep you off of your feet and 18" to lift a car away.

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