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UPDATE: Police respond to Bluefield man's claims officers beat him



BLUEFIELD, W. Va (WVVA)-- Above you can see surveillance video of a Bluefield man being arrested at his home.

It has sparked an internal investigation at the Bluefield Police Department, and now Chief Dennis Dillow is speaking out.

Jeremy Carbaugh of Bluefield is charged with malicious wounding and assault on a police officer after police say he beat his neighbor, accusing the man of stealing a handgun.

Then, Dillow says Carbaugh became belligerent during his arrest. Carbaugh showed us this video of when police arrived at his home to get him, posted above.

Carbaugh said officers were unnecessarily rough with him, and although he was drinking, he was not out of control.

Friday, Chief Dennis Dillow told WVVA that he be lives his officers showed tremendous restraint because of racial slurs Carbaugh used against them. He continued, saying that he says he stands by their actions that night.

"I haven't found anything that they've done wrong at this point," he said. "I stand by them 100%."

He said he has an idea why Carbaugh gave media the surveillance video of his arrest: "It is my strong belief that Mr. Carbaugh is trying to make accusations to negotiate his charges," he said."[But] that's not what we do here."

When we spoke with Jeremy Carbaugh Thursday, he said, "I'll admit I was drinking, but I was not being belligerent to the point where I would ever raise my arm to a police officer. I was being respectful to the fullest."

The Bluefield Police Department's internal investigation at the department involves reviewing audio and video from inside the department, studying Carbaugh's video, and interviewing witnesses and the officers involved.

Dillow says it may take several weeks to complete, but they will take the time needed to be fair and thorough.

Meanwhile, Carbaugh told WVVA he plans to hire an attorney.


BLUEFIELD, W. Va (WVVA)-- The Bluefield Police Department is conducting an internal investigation after a Bluefield man claims he was beaten by officers.  This according to Lieutenant Scott Myers.

Jeremy Carbaugh showed WVVA the above surveillance video shot at his home, which depicts police arresting him on charges of malicious wounding and assault on police officers.

According to the report, officers allege Carbaugh assaulted one of his neighbors, accusing the neighbor of stealing a handgun from him. Officers said Carbaugh became belligerent, including using racial slurs, toward police when they attempted to arrest him.

But Carbaugh said he was the one who called police.  And while he admitted he was intoxicated, he said he wasn't out of control. Instead, he claims officers were unnecessarily rough with him-- pushing his drink out of his hand, shoving him into a fence, and later, injuring his neck.

"It's disturbing and its just straight police brutality," he said. "I mean, I... [had] my hands subdued behind my back... All I did was tell my wife that they're taking me to jail, and I'm swept off my feet."

Carbaugh told WVVA he plans to hire a lawyer and that he has contacted the ACLU.

Officers declined to go on camera Thursday, but Chief Dennis Dillow said he would respond to the allegations Friday after reviewing the video.
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