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The Case of Susan Roop & the Body on Bolt Mountain: A WVVA Special Report


RALEIGH COUNTY (WVVA) -- February 2014 marks 35 years that Susan Roop of Bentree, West Virginia vanished without a trace.

Roop's children were waiting for their mother to come home to make Valentines boxes.  Not only did she not come home, investigators have never been able to say for sure what became of the young mother. 

Then in 1993, there is a plot twist when all hope seemed lost.  A body is found on Bolt Mountain in Raleigh County.  Some evidence would support that this body is Susan Roop.

Current Raleigh County Sheriff Steve Tanner worked in the detective bureau at the time.  He was assigned to the case.  Since that time, he says he's spent upwards of 1000 unpaid hours trying to identify the body.

"When you start working a cold case, and this started out immediately as a cold case,"  says Tanner.  "There is absolutely so little physical evidence, that you realize you have to take every single piece of evidence you have and play it to the very conclusion. You have to look at every angle, every possibility, look at every rumor. And as you start doing this, you realize, you're the only one looking. And if you don't do it, it's simply written away."

Watch the WVVA special report to see if you think there's enough evidence to match Susan Roop to the body on Bolt Mountain.

Contact the Raleigh County Sheriff's Department at 304-255-9300 if you know anything about the case of Susan Roop or the body on Bolt Mountain.  You can also contact Crimestoppers at 304-255-7867 if you would like to remain anonymous.   

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