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Tazewell Co. Public Schools adds time to school days after snow cancellations


TAZEWELL, Va (WVVA)-- With all these snow days, many counties have had more school closures than they were prepared to handle.

So far, students in Tazewell County have missed 13 school days due to the weather. As a result, Tazewell County Public Schools has decided to add 35 more minutes to each school day until further notice.

School officials hope this plan can decrease the number of days that need to be added on to the end of the year to make up the difference; Tazewell County schools are required to have class for 180 days and 990 hours.

"For 7 classes in high school and middle school, we'll add five minutes on to each class," said Public Relations and Communications Specialist Kayla Myers.  "Elementary is suggested to reading 5 to 10 minutes longer, math so many minutes longer," she explained. 

But at this pace, it would take around two weeks (plus ten minutes) to make up one day of missed school. People we spoke with question the plan's effectiveness.

"35 minutes a day? 5 minutes per class? What can a class do in 5 minutes? It's just not gonna work," said Connie Eastridge, whose grandchildren go to school in Tazewell County.

Myers told WVVA the extended day will be observed even if there is a 2-hour delay for weather. Extracurricular activities such as sports are also pushed back to begin at the end of the school day under this new plan. The last time the county observed this plan was two years ago, Myers said.

School officials apologize for any frustration. They tell us they will determine how much time the 35-minute plan has bought at the next school board meeting in March, then make further decisions about the last day of school based on what they find.
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