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Shoppers flock to stores ahead of snow storm


BLUEFIELD, Va (WVVA)--  Even before the storm hit-- we found many people rushing out to stores to prepare.

We caught up with shoppers flocking to Food City in Bluefield, Virginia to get ahead of the snow.

But manager Steve Remines told us they're on their A-game, having anticipated this rush. They've ordered extras of the popular items people may want to pick up, like bread, milk, and eggs.

Ronald Johnson said he was picking up those usual staples, plus food he can use if the power goes out: "Some things we may not have to cook over the stove. And hopefully some batteries," he told us. "If the power goes out, we'll be ready for it."

Almost every parking place was full when WVVA was at the store, and Remines said things were flying off the shelves. But employees were able to replace them quickly. He told us these go-to items are not in short supply, and are there if you still need them.


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