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DOH offers advice for drivers

BOLT (WVVA) -- Roads went from zero to snow covered in a matter of minutes across a large part of the two Virginias Wednesday evening.  When that happens, WVDOH crews hit the road full force.

The team in Bolt, WV is going to have three trucks on the road all night Wednesday and all day Thursday, with the exception of quick shift changes. 

While they were loading off their trucks Wednesday afternoon, they passed along a bit of advice for drivers who have to brave the elements and come into contact with their trucks.

"The public is the biggest problem.  They're always in your way," says Scott Bolen, transportation crew supervisor. "Beware, watch out for us, and try to stay out of our way, so we can do what we need to do."

Bolen says if you are not comfortable on the roadways when there is bad weather, stay home if you can.  That will make their job easier too.

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