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Prosecutor discusses Click verdict's impact on upcoming Hatcher trial




WELCH, W. Va (WVVA)-- Now that Earl Click has been convicted of murdering former war mayor Thomas Hatcher, all eyes turn to click's sister and alleged accomplice, Rebecca Hatcher.

Last November, a jury found her not guilty of murder, but couldn't decide about her conspiracy charge in the case.

A different jury has now convicted her brother of those charges.

Because Rebecca Hatcher's new conspiracy trial is scheduled for the end of this month, we asked Prosecuting Attorney Ed Kornish how Click's conviction could affect it.

He said that because a new trial would cost the state more money, and Rebecca Hatcher has already served 18 months in prison, he needs to weigh the options.

"It would just be speculation if I were to--" he started, but then added, "Well, I do think we have a strong enough case to get her convicted. But [I need to evaluate] is the cost and the possible benefit worth it." 

Kornish said he would also be considering the emotional toll on the Hatcher family before deciding what to do about Rebecca Hatcher's upcoming trial.

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