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Flooding concerns resurface in Princeton


PRINCETON (WVVA) -- Princeton residents received a letter at the end of January from city officials listing their concerns about the city.  Number one on the list was the reoccurring flooding on Stafford Drive.

People in Princeton say it has been a problem for years, after a heavy rain or a large amount of snow melts.

Initial estimates for a project to fix it were said to be up to $10 million, but it should end up being significantly lower than that.  The city has secured $250,000 to work on the project.

"It's not a formal solution, and it hasn't been engineered yet," says Elke Doom, city manager.  "But there's discussion that area is so low that the best thing that could happen there is some kind of a holding tank that could either be pumped out when the water levels go down or some time of an engineered field that could be drained out very slowly."

The project is on hold until there is a decision made whether to move the city's municipal offices near the location of the flooding.  Doom says that would make logistical issues much easier if they could use their own property to drain the area. 

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