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WVVA News team makes Super Bowl predictions


(WVVA) - Who will win Super Bowl XLVIII between the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks? Members of the WVVA News team takes a stab a predicting the results below.

Results were split down the middle: Of the eight who participated, four chose Denver and four chose Seattle.

Read their predictions below, and feel free to share yours here or on Facebook.

Janna Brown Denver 28-21 Peyton is awesome, John Fox rocks and because I said so!
Kathlynn Stone Denver 30-21 Not only is Peyton Manning the hottest quarterback in the NFL he's the best.
Greg Carter Seattle 28-24
Because QB Russell Wilson is from Virginia and his father-in-law was raised in Bluefield.
Paul Hess Denver 38-27 --
Brian Walder  Seattle 37-27 A few reasons - Since the Eagles are out, I'm sticking with the bird theme, I'm cheering for the NFC team, the colors are awesome, and the big reason is in support of Michael Robinson and Jordan Hill, who are both Penn State greats who play for Seattle.
Robert Pauley Seattle 24-21 I believe Seahawks' D will hold off Manning's team.
Kristen Conner  Seattle 24-18 I flipped a coin. 50/50 shot, right?
Allen Roberts Denver 34-24 If you can't root for the Giants, might as well root for a Manning.
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