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Area business owner upset about water problems near old Bluefield Kroger




BLUEFIELD, W. Va (WVVA)-- The owner of an area hair salon is fed up. She says frozen pipes next door mean bad news for her business. 

Linda Barrett, owner of "LaRee" styling salon in the Bluefield Plaza says water lines are freezing at the old Kroger building. Her business is right next to the Kroger, and shares water lines with that building.

If you recall, the Kroger closed back in March of 2012, leaving the building empty.

When its pipes freeze, Barrett says the water company shuts off service to fix the problem-- causing a huge inconvenience for her customers and her livelihood.

Barrett says she can't do perms or even rinse customers' hair without problems when her water gets shut off. Dye and perm solution must be rinsed from the hair, or else it could cause damage to the customers' locks, at Barrett's own expense.

"You've got people sitting here, they are waiting to get their hair done," she told WVVA. "You have to go back and heat water, you have to catch water, if you even have time to do that. If you don't get all the perm solution out of the hair, it can damage the hair, and we would be liable."

Barrett says her water has been turned off several times since Kroger closed, and she wants this problem fixed permanently. She tells WVVA the Kroger building gets cold because although water service continues, its heat is always off.

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