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WVVA Exclusive: Convicted murderer back in court seeking retrial




WELCH, W. Va (WVVA)-- The man convicted of murder five years ago over the death of Jamie Chantel Webb is back in McDowell County court.

Amos Hicks says he is innocent. He and his attorney are seeking a new trial, while prosecuting attorney Ed Kornish argues Hicks received a fair trial.

Hicks is currently serving a life sentence after a jury convicted him of Webb's murder in 2009.

His attorney tells us he is innocent, and says there were errors made during the last trial that give them legal grounds for a retrial.

He would not specify what kind of errors they were.

Another man, Mose Mullins, Jr. is also serving time for the murder.

According to State Supreme Court documents, Mullins testified in Hicks' trial that Hicks asked him to kill three people he said had broken into his home.

Mullins said he agreed to carry out the deed in order to settle a drug debt with Hicks. Mullins admitted to shooting the three people using Hicks' gun.

Jaime Webb was killed in the attack. The two others survived.

In court Thursday, Hicks's attorney asked the judge to allow another attorney to assist them in the case.

Hicks' family tells us in an exclusive interview that they believe he is innocent and want him to come home.

"My brother Amos Hicks maintains his innocence," said Hicks' sister Anita Robinson. "And [he] has always maintained his innocence. So we're hoping that with the additional help that Judge Stephens is going to let [Hicks' attorney] have, that the court system will be able to prove his innocence. And he can come home with us soon."

Prosecuting Attorney Ed Kornish says a retrial would also be rough on the victims' family.

Another hearing is scheduled for late June.
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