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Union workers, Rahall rally against "TPP" legislation




BLUEFIELD, W. Va (WVVA)-- People across the Two Virginias are concerned about legislation they say could move more American jobs overseas.

Several Communications Workers of America members joined Congressman Nick Rahall in Bluefield Wednesday to rally against the fast-track of the "Trans-Pacific Partnership," or as it's abbreviated, TPP.

The TPP is a proposed trade agreement between the US and several nations, including Mexico, Peru, Singapore, and Vietnam.
It's still under negotiation, but fast-tracking it would mean the president would be authorized to negotiate and enter into agreements with other nations without congressional approval.

"This is not a very transparent manner in which to undertake such important treaties with our trading partners. I think it ought to be taken before congress, it ought to be a transparent process," said Rahall.

The bill is currently held up in administration, but Rahall believes as soon as supporters get enough votes, it will be brought before Congress.

He says he's prepared to vote "no" to save American jobs.

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