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Eastern Wyoming County gets water donation from NC


Residents around the Charleston area are not the only ones dealing with water issues.

Some communities in Eastern Wyoming County have had dirty water since September.

Monday morning the area received a helpful donation as their water nightmare may soon be over.

Last September many folks in Eastern Wyoming County received a boil water advisory.

"The filters quit working back in September.  All the chemicals and materials in the filters done wore out," says Virgil Shrewsberry, Treasurer of the Eastern Wyoming County Public Service District.

Since then we have had our water fountains covered in plastic, hand sanitizer at the sink and we have carried in bottled water," says Virginia Lusk, principal of Herndon Consolidated School.

Doing that for four months has become a burden and expensive, but Monday morning the area receives more than 300 cases of water from a church in North Carolina. Herndon Consolidated School was the distribution site for the donation may say is a God Send.

"For them to find out about us and then for me to be sitting there 5 or 6 o'clock to answer that phone and get that phone call.  There are good folks out there that will help you," says Lusk.

It's a privilege for them to do it. A lot of them don't even have vehicles and stuff around here. It's tremendous," says Sam Shrewsberry of Wyoming County.

The news may get even better. Virgil Shrewsberry says the Eastern Wyoming County PSD started repairs on the water system with new sand, materials and a new chemical pump.

"They're in the process of putting chemicals in the water, and the boil water should be off in I'd say a couple weeks," says Shrewsberry.

Shrewsbury says the Eastern Wyoming Public Service District is in the process of buying the water system.

The deal should take six months to complete.

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