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Parking price hike on its way to Beckley


BECKLEY (WVVA) -- If you think parking in Beckley is a pain already, you might want to sit down before you continue reading.

The prices of the metered parking are going to be increased.

Two quarters used to buy you a full hour, now it will be doubled.  Do the math and that means a quarter for 15 minutes or a dollar an hour to park.

Tickets for metered violations are also going up, from three dollars to five dollars.

"Mainly, we need to satisfy the parking bonds, and those rates will allow us to stay within the parameters of the parking bonds," says Mayor Bill O'Brien of Beckley.

O'Brien says the old rates have been in place for many years, and the city needs to do this to stay up with the times.

There's no timeline just yet.  When you see updated meters, you'll know upgraded prices.  


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