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Businesses trying to bounce back from Charleston chemical spill


Although residents around Charleston are starting to emerge from their water ordeal, many businesses continue to suffer.

Since Thursday these businesses have been closed because a chemical spill contaminated the area's water supply.

Now, Tudor's Biscuit World and Gino's are part of a handful of restaurants that have opened on a limited basis but still dealing with the effects of the spill.

"During that time we spent two days ordering in truckloads of bottled water and gallon bottle water to be able to service our customers and then we were able to get a temporary permit to open back up under a bottles water provisions," says Ray Burke, President of Better Foods, the company that runs Tudor's Biscuit World and Gino's.

Burke says nearly 40 locations were closed because of the chemical spill, and they are still calculating their losses.

"It's very serious when you shut down a number of operations across the 8 or 9 counties that were involved," says Burke.

Now there are proposals in the legislature to help compensate businesses who lost money because of the spill. Trouble is, it's a tight budget year.

"We will have to find the money. There's no question. If we can access those types of situations where we can come up with, I would say that's a minimal amount of money," says Senator Roman Prezioso, (D)-Chairman, Senate Finance Committee.

At this point none of the proposals have been put in the form of bills in the legislature.

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