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WV Attorney General Talks About the Chemical Investigation


(WVVA)- State officials are beginning their investigation into the chemical leak that tainted the Elk River.

Attorney General, Patrick Morrisey says, "We obviously are going to have a lot of paper that we're going to have to go through, a lot of interviews and we're going to do that so we can get access to all the information."

They'll start by hosting meetings with everyone involved in the crisis, pointing out gaps in the system and reviewing bio terrorism and public health preparedness laws from 2002.

"We're gonna outline all the steps that were taken obviously by freedom industries but we're going to look across the board,"says Morrisey.

Morrisey says there isn't a way to know this early on what changes need to be made. "I think it's premature to issue an announcement about some of the specific changes but it's clear that things can be handled probably a little bit differently in the future."

Their  goal is to make sure this never happens again.


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