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Pet care during frigid temperatures


These bitterly cold temperatures can also have an impact on our pets, especially if they're kept outside.

There are some steps you can take to make sure your animal makes it through the deep freeze.

The best advice is just bring your dog or cat inside.

Experts say it's the simplest and easiest way to make sure your pet survives temperatures in the single digits and colder.

They also say put yourself in your pets position and ask yourself this question...What would you do to stay warm with temperatures heading to single digits?

"If you go outside and your cold, they are going to be cold also and if you don't want to stand outside in the cold then neither do they," says Lisa Williams, Director of the Mercer County Animal Shelter.

Williams says best advice is bring your dog inside, but if that is not possible make sure the dog house is not facing directly into the wind and make sure they have extra blankets because your dog can also get hypothermia or frostbite.

"You would want to check their paw pads to see what paw pads look like. You would want to see if they are alert," says Williams.

Animal control will also be doing some checking on their own.  Mercer County Humane Officer Elisabeth Morehead says they will patrol neighborhoods, specifically looking at homes where they have been before to make sure pet owners are looking after their animals during these frigid temperatures.

"If a dog is outside that is just tied to a tree or something like that and doesn't have any type of shelter, that's when we are going to step in and do whatever we can to get that dog out of the cold," says Morehead.

Morehead says in times like these calls to the animal shelter increase and they investigate every case to make sure pets are surviving this extreme blast of artic air.

Meanwhile, Williams advises call your local animal shelter who should be able to give you advice on winterizing your animal's dog house.

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