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Cold weather breaks water line in Pocahontas, VA

POCAHONTAS, Va (WVVA)-- Several families are left without water this evening after their water line froze and cracked.

A water line running under a bridge near Wolfe, West Virginia--which is serviced by the nearby Town of Pocahontas-- is broken after temperatures dropped last night.

Because of the exposed line and moving water below, it froze easily and the iron duct tile on the piping cracked.

The Pocahontas Fire Department provided water to those families who needed it Monday afternoon.

"We are firemen. We do more than just fight fires. We help the people. And the people out there need that water. And it's important that they get it if they need it," said Dylan Coleman, a volunteer firefighter.

Town workers say that's a good thing, because it's going to take extra man-power, as well as ordering parts, to make the repairs they are planning.

"Part of the pipe actually bulged out and the iron duct tile on the part of the pipe was actually the one that cracked. So basically what we're doing is we're working with the West Virginia Department of Health and Homeland Security to get this issue fixed," said Jimmy Whitt.

Crews say aren't yet making promises, but they're hoping they can  restore water to those families by the end of the week.
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