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Time to make resolutions! New Year's Day fast approaches


GREEN VALLEY, W. Va (WVVA)-- Some may argue, this year went by pretty fast. But as New Year's Day creeps closer, the focus shifts to what 2014 will bring.

We caught up with the Van Dyke family as they visited the Two Virginias Sunday, and we asked them what they want to accomplish within the upcoming year.

"I'm originally from down here in Southwest Virginia," said Bruce VanDyke, and I'd like to get down here more often [in the new year]. Probably my number one goal."

They agree that healthy living would also lead to happiness this next year.

"I'm 65 years old and I'm about ready to retire," said Allen Van Dyke, "And I think it's good for my health to be around with my grandkids and stuff like that."

Their trip here is already setting the tone for the new year-- which they say will be all about family.

"Nothing like coming back home and spending time with family," said Bruce.

Allen echoed that sentiment: "I realize now that as I'm getting older, time really goes by. And things change from year to year, stuff like that. I'm just really looking forward to spending as much time with my family as I can."


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