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Virginia Attorney General gives millions to police/sheriff's departments

Sheriffs, police chiefs, the State Police, and other law enforcers from around Virginia joined Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli in Richmond today as he distributed $33 million he took from criminals and is now using to fund requests from law enforcement for new equipment and training.
The funds will be used to provide training to School Resource Officers and SWAT teams; to provide new police cruisers, new computers and portable radios, bulletproof vests, training shooting ranges, night vision for finding missing people, money for gang reduction programs, and more.  A link to the complete list of grants and localities receiving them is below.
The money is part of the attorney general's $115 million his Medicaid Fraud Control Unit received from its 2012 Abbott Labs fraud settlement. Cuccinelli's Medicaid fraud unit was the lead investigator in the second largest Medicaid fraud settlement in U.S. history - $1.5 billion. Abbott Laboratories illegally marketed its drug Depakote for uses not approved as safe and effective by the Food and Drug Administration. On top of the restitution to the state's Medicaid program, the office earned the $115 million in asset forfeiture funds for its work as lead investigator.
The attorney general stressed that this money was coming from criminals, not the taxpayers. Ultimately, when all law enforcement requests are approved, Cuccinelli will be sharing $105 million of the $115 million with state and local law enforcement and keeping $10 million for equipment and programs within his own agency.
Albemarle County Police Department
Carter Johnson, Public Information Officer
To build an indoor, regional firearms training facility to include two indoor tactical ranges with
24 firing positions, and classroom an
d office space. Funds will pay for completion of this
regionally supported range which, upon completion, will serve over four hundred local, state and
federal law enforcement officers in the central Virginia area. Basic firearms training and
mandatory in
service requirements will be provided at the facility, as will advanced firearms and
comprehensive multi
agency scenario based training.
Albemarle County Police Department
separate CIT request
Carter Johnson, Public Information Officer
$ 397,207.00
To enable Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) officers to attend a "Train the Trainer" training and a
"Crisis Negotiation" training. CIT training provides tools to safely deal with those with mental
illnesses and also help
s those who are ill get proper care by helping first responders understand
the circumstances surrounding mentally ill offenders. These funds will also fund the travel costs
to attend the trainings. The funding will also cover the purchase of new tasers, C
IT cell phone
consoles and a crisis negotiation response vehicle.
Alexandria Police Dept.
Crystal Nosal
(703) 746
$ 325,509.00
The City of Alexandria Police Department will receive $325,509 for electronic surveillance and
data collection e
quipment and upgrades, computer forensics training, tasers, and shotgun lights.
Amherst County Sheriff's Office
To upgrade 1st generation laptop computers in their patrol vehicles. This upgrade will further
ance their network and data security to allow them to remain in compliance with National
Criminal Information Center and Virginia Criminal Information Network requirements. This
project will also assist in increasing officer safety through rapid receipt o
f wanted information
and security concerns of individuals.
Appomattox County Sheriff's Office
To provide four night vision units to be deployed to the field deputy supervisors and allow for
vision to be available on patrol at practically anytime. This will enhance officer and public
safety and aid in the capture of criminal suspects. It will also enhance officer's abilities to gather
information on criminal activity and help locate lost/mis
sing children and adults.
Arlington Police Department
Dustin Sternbeck
Work: (703) 228
Cell: (703) 254
To expand its current capability to deploy portable digital video cameras, used in combination
with both wireless and wired netwo
rks, to enhance security at large scale events. The real time
cameras will reduce security risks and in the event of an actual incident allow emergency
managers greater situational awareness, thereby greatly improving command and control
capabilities whil
e recording events for later review and evidentiary purposes.
Ashland Police Department
To establish a comprehensive Active Shooter response program for officers, mobile license plate
reader for 2 vehicl
es, replace mechanical locks to the police station entry door security system, a
total station digital evidence collection system to aid in investigation of accidents and major
crime scenes, wireless signal booster for the police station to cover cell phon
es and laptops with
weak signals and officer worn camera systems which will replace the out
warranty system we
currently have.
Augusta County Sheriff's Office
To obtain Panasonic Toughbook Mobi
le Data Terminals, licensing and associated hardware to
completely equip all of their Patrol Division vehicles with computers. These devices will
provide officers with capabilities such as report and ticket writing and completing electronic data
entry on
all standard forms. It will also provide a vast array of information regarding dispatched
calls and provide access to NCIC/VCIN and Virginia DMV files.
Bedford County Sheriff's Office
Robin Sundquist
(540) 586
To establish "Protect the Protectors" ballistic program by providing ballistics to law enforcement
agencies that are unable to provide for their own officers. This will be a regional program
ble for all law enforcement within the Commonwealth. These will be used by SOVA
ICAC and its 121 affiliates in Southern Virginia by providing training as well as a regional lab
set up for undercover operations across the Commonwealth and finally these fun
ds will be used
for forensic light source equipment for investigations. They will also purchase an ICAC Rapid
Response vehicle for use in search warrants and road response to child exploitation and
abduction cases throughout the south west region of Virgin
Blacksburg Police Department
Nathan O'Dell,
For the purchase of an explosives detection canine with the proper schooling, equipment and
computer software and a
new SUV K
9 vehicle. With this vehicle and canine, they will be able
to adequately respond to possible bomb threats and suspicious packages. Both would be used in
critical situations as well as to conduct a wide variety of searches for large events, suc
h as
Virginia Tech football games, festivals, parades, races, etc. The funds will help increase efforts
to keep the public safe and efforts to detect explosives.
Blackstone Police Department
To install audio
and video recording equipment in eleven patrol vehicles that are utilized by the
police officers on a daily basis. This equipment would be a valuable policing and management
tool which would greatly enhance police officer safety, protect the community fr
om false
accusations and provide valuable evidence that reduces the burden on the courts.
Bland County Sheriff's Office
Sheriff Jerry Thompson
Sonya Ramsey
To furnish law enforcem
ent with facility for evidence processing, evidence storage and police
equipment storage.
Hopewell Police Department
Sgt. John Irons
To purchase tactical supplies and equipment that facilitates SWAT team training that is
esponsive to today's violent, criminal behavior. The purchase and use of ballistic shields,
breaching equipment, noise cancelling communications headsets and marked non
lethal training
ammunition will positively impact the SWAT teams and patrol officers'
state of readiness,
provide realistic training, increase the likelihood of a safe controlled response to an active
shooter or hostage taking event.
Isle of Wight Sheriff's Office
Kristin Wilda
(757) 365
The Isle of Wight Sheri
ff's Office will receive $199,794.00 to purchase patrol rifles, Triban
radios, LiveScan machine, controlled electrical weapons and evidence drying cabinet.
King George Sheriff's Office
Sheriff Steve Dempsey
(540) 775
The King George She
riff's Office will receive $149,700.00 to upgrade the Digital Patroller
camera system, to purchase digital SLR cameras, a evidence incinerator, biohazard drying
cabinet, bench top Cyanoacrylate fuming chamber, undercover body camera system, portable
and SAN storage.
King William Sheriff's Office
Sheriff Jeff Walton
To replace outdated and unserviceable mobile computers with new advanced compute
rs. With
these computers, deputies responding to calls will be able to receive more information that can
aid them in their response to calls for help. They will also be able to have access to the
VCIN/NCIC files to be able to retrieve suspect information
that will enhance officer safety.
Lee County Sheriff's Office
To purchase two SUV 4x4 vehicles, in
car laptop computers, active shooter emergency response
kits and 1000 hours of overtime. These items wi
ll assist in improving/replacing outdated and
depleted equipment and shortage in manpower. They are greatly needed for Lee County to be
more efficient and dependable as law enforcement officers and emergency responders.
Leesburg Police Dept.
Lt. Jeff Dube
(703) 771
The Leesburg Police Department will receive $122,870.00 to purchase an emergency response
phone w/video direct
link, gas masks, laser devices for attaching to weapons with infrared
es, Surefire helmet light, laser devices for LED weapon lights to allow white or infrared
lighting, thermal imager and monocular night vision devices.
Loudoun County Sheriff's Office
To purchase patrol rif
le optics and folding rear sights needed to complete the patrol rifle optics
system. Loudoun has a patrol rifle program, placing patrol rifles in cruisers across the county to
allow for a rapid deployment of patrol rifles in various situations, including
active shooter,
hostage barricades and potential terrorist activity. By adding optics, this would help maximize
the operators sight performance within many challenging conditions and allow for use while
deploying a night vision device.
Louisa County Sh
eriff's Office
They receive to help properly equip officers with patrol rifles and related equipment. With a
nuclear power plant and nine schools these patrol rifles will help increase the preparedness of
in the event that an incident occurs where traditional law enforcement weapons are not
enough. Patrol Rifles offer more accuracy, range and ammunition capacity.
Lynchburg Police Dept.
David G
(434) 455
The Lynchburg Police
Department will receive $102,250 to purchase five (5) Chevrolet Impalas
for officers, two replacement sniper rifles for the Tactical Unit and two Infrared
Pointer/Illuminators to be used with night vision equipment.
Madison County Sheriff's Office
t Finks
To replace their LiveScan fingerprint system, portable breath testing devices, crime scene digital
camera and laptop computers. They wi
ll also send two officers to attend the Gang Conference in
Virginia in October. The current LiveScan system is no manufactured and will not be supported
beginning December, 2014. The laptop computers will be assigned to the two deputies that are
with the Blue Ridge Narcotics Task Force and will be used for criminal intelligence and
crime reports.
Manassas Park Police Department
To create a tactical special Response Team (SRT) to respond to
life threatening situations and
purchase required equipment such as two police equipped Tahoe's, SWAT gear and training
Manassas Police Department
To purchase a directional rada
r trailer to slow traffic and make roads safer to travel; five police
bicycles and equipment to be used to patrol portions of the City where a vehicle has limited or no
access; a mobile data forensic extraction device to allow specially trained officers to
information from multiple types of mobile devices such as portable GPS units, smartphones and
tablets; and a rapid response sports utility vehicle.
Mathews County Sheriff's Office
Sheriff L. Mark Barrick
To purchase Motorola base station/repeaters, digital two
way portable radios, digital two
mobile radios, APX Conselete for regional trunking capabilities and VHF radio in order to be
ble with FHF STARS. The combination of the three new repeaters will provide greater
radio communications reliability.
Montgomery County Sheriff's Office
Captain Brian Wright
(540) 382
6915 ext4413
The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office wi
ll receive $111,303.00 to purchase digital cameras,
a 4
wheeled drive vehicle, fireman turnout gear, SWAT air pack system, Tyvex suits, computer
forensic system, gas mask, filters for gas masks, chemical foot covers, alternative light source,
Pelican singl
e light scene lights, Pelican double light scene lights, wide mouth glass and plastic
evidence sample jars, coveralls, heat resistant gloves, hooded Tychem chemical suites, chem.
tape, chemical resistant Nitrile gloves, strapper over boots, extra long pipe
ttes, extra
pipettes, gadget bag for cameras and SanDisk flash memory cards.
Nelson County Sheriff's Office
Lt. Becky Adcock
To purchase tasers,
Glock 22's, AED packages for patrol vehicles, radar units, ballistic shields
with "Sheriff" identification and Alco
Sensors to replace outdated ones.
New Kent County Sheriff's Office
To purchase a p
ortable polygraph instrument and accessories and a combination mobile radio
capable of receiving and transmitting on VHF and 800 MHz for the special operations vehicle
which is currently available as needed by the surrounding jurisdictions. This equipment
operator will be made available to King William, King and Queen, Charles City, Lancaster,
Gloucester, Middlesex and Town of West Point as well as the area VSP.
New Market Police Department
Chief Charles Peery, Jr
To purchase five mobile computers to be placed in patrol vehicles to be used for computer aid
dispatching and to inquire vehicle registration checks, driver's license checks and
information. They will also purchase tables to be used by patrol staff to download applications
for Standard Field Sobriety Testing, language translations and other applications.
Newport News Police Department
To various items of equipment (transmitters, transceiver, computers, body cameras, targets, night
sites, handguns, blue guns, tasers, handguns) to fight crime and maintain operations and officer
safety as well as the information technology
Norfolk Police Department
Chris Amos
To purchase a Live Scan Automated Fingerprint System, equipment for forensic laboratory,
defensive tactics room improvement and Hot Spot poli
cing overtime. The current Live Scan
system is 8 years old and has far surpassed the normal lifespan and out of warranty. The
equipment being purchased for the forensics laboratory will aid in solving crimes and convicting
criminals. The Defensive Tacti
cs Room improvements will improve the safety of class
participants and expand the classroom utility of the room by adding overhead projectors and
motorized screens permitting staff to add significant video training.
Northern Virginia Regional Gang Task
Ray Colgan
To go towards funding uniformed officers involved in the Hot Spot Initiative which is a gang
suppression imitative that uses officers for presence a
nd gang suppression in neighborhoods with
high concentration of gang members or gang crimes.
Northumberland County Sheriff's Office
Sheriff Charles "Chuck" Wilkins
To purchase in
car cameras to improve officer safety and the safety of county residents. The
cameras provide an eyewitness for the deputies while conducting traffic stops, drug arrests and
other crimes while in view of the camera. Video recordings hel
p with prosecution of such
Nottoway County Sheriff's Office
Sheriff Larry J. Parrish
To purchase Toughbook laptops with Mobile Sys
tem Upgrades equipped with VCIN/NCIC
Microsoft Office and Norton Antivirus, tasers with holsters and Colt rifles with accessories. The
laptops would be used to compile and complete reports in patrol cars so that deputies would not
have to return to the of
fice to do so. The tasers would replace outdated equipment and are more
effective and safer pulse technology resulting in fewer issues with officer use and possible client
injuries. The rifles would replace military surplus rifles received on loan from V
South Boston Police De
Captain B.K. Lovelace
(434) 575
To purchase mobile radios that will update technology at the dispatch center and in patrol
vehicles to make it possib
le for dispatchers and other officers to see the unit number of any
officer talking on the radio system. They also will install communications equipment at a
location in town limits which would correct a communications issue officers have being unable
communicate with each other or dispatch when they enter the hospital building.
Spotsylvania County Sheriff's Office
Captain Jeff Pearce
(540) 507
To purcha
se a fingerprint scanner for criminal live scan system, Encase, forensic triage unit
software, fully equipped SUV for surveillance, XRY cell phone analysis software, QuikClot belt
trauma kits, and night vision binoculars. Live Scan is part of the statewi
de computer system that
searches and stores rolled fingerprints and palm prints. The new surveillance SUV will replace
outdated vehicles being utilized now.
Stafford County Sheriff's Office
Bill Kennedy
(540) 658
To purchase a proxy card locker system, side scanning sonar system capable of searching
underwater, mobile video recorders, UPED touch ultimate forensic system which extracts,
decodes and ana
lyzes data from electronic mobile devices and a target system for the
Fredericksburg/Stafford Regional Firearms Training Facility.
Staunton Police Dept.
Officer Lisa Klein
(540) 332
The City of Staunton Police Department will receiv
e $92,625 to upgrade all of the in
computers that manage its mobile data system, add systems needed to outfit the patrol function,
and replace its Tactical Surveillance System. This portable system provides visual access to hard
to reach places, such a
s second stories, attics, stairways, basements and under doorways. The
systems are designed to provide a safe and effective way for officers to gather intelligence while
providing distance between police personnel and hazardous situations.
Suffolk Police
To outfit two SUV patrol supervisor vehicles with equipment to immediately respond to
situations. They will also purchase a police dog trained in officer protection and drug detection
and variou
s equipment such as ballistic shields, LIDAR units, and electronic control devices.
Tazewell County Sheriff's Office
Major Harold Heatley
(276) 9
To purchase 3 ATVs and trailers and 2 4
wheel drive Police SUVs equipped with towing
packages which would give us quick and efficient access to any rural area in an emergency
Thomas Nelson Community College Police Dept.
ilia Ramirez
(757) 825
Thomas Nelson Community College PD will receive $266,558 to purchase radio repeaters;
portable radios, mobile radios. The equipment will connect campus police with Hampton and
Williamsburg Police Departme
University of Virginia Police Department
Chief Michael Gibson
(434) 924
To build an indoor, regional firearms training facility to include two indoor tactical ranges with
24 firing positions, and classroom
and office space. Funds will pay for completion of this
regionally supported range which, upon completion, will serve over four hundred local, state and
federal law enforcement officers in the central Virginia area. Basic firearms training and
service requirements will be provided at the facility, as will advanced firearms and
comprehensive multi
agency scenario based training.
Vienna Police Department
Gary Lose
(703) 255
To purchase in
car recording system and so
ftware for all police vehicles in order to accurately
document police
citizen contact, advance officer safety, strengthen court case testimony and
improve field training.
Vinton Police Department
Chief Benjamin Cook
(540) 983
ext 158
To rep
lace Window XP before it stops being supported in April, 2014. By updating the mobile
data terminals and Microsoft software, the officers would have functioning terminals in their
vehicles and the operational benefit of having data immediately available t
o them in the field.
Virginia Commonwealth University Police Dept.
Michael Kelly
(804) 828
The Virginia Commonwealth University Police Department will receive $2,081,000.00 to
construct an indoor firearms range, simulation shoo
ting house, active shooter classroom and CIT
and mental
health de
escalation classrooms. The facility will be regional and open to all law
enforcement agencies but maintained and operated by the VCU PD.
Virginia State Police
Corinne N. Geller
(O) 804
(C) 804
GRAND TOTAL: $6,248,689.00
To purchase two aluminum boats with trailers and equipment and two inflatable
These boats will be assigned to the Virginia State Police's Search & Re
enhancing the safety of officers responding to water
based police
particularly in cold temperatures.
To purchase mechanical breaching tools, weapon
mounted lasers, and training
ammunition to support the Tactical (
SWAT) Teams throughout Virginia. This equipment
will allow members of the Tactical Teams in all seven State Police divisions to respond
more safely and effectively to emergency calls for tactical support and to serve high
search warrants at target lo
cations. The purchases will improve the safety and accuracy
of tactical operations, ensuring the highest measure of safety for all impacted by these
To purchase two portable radiation detection systems capable of identifying the pr
of both neutron and gamma
ray emitting radionuclide's. This equipment will increase the
safety of officers responding to potentially dangerous chemical/hazmat situations, and
will enable those officers to effectively assess such situations.
To construct a simulations facility to allow training for tactical teams and other officers in
entry and clearing of a variety of physical locations. The facility will be equipped with
moveable walls on tracks that can be rapidly changed to repre
sent different interior
building layouts, such as an office complex, school, apartment, hotel, etc. This facility
will enhance the officers' ability to respond to active shooter situations and other hostile
To purchase in
car vide
o cameras for the fleet of vehicles assigned to troopers working
road patrols. Some vehicles are currently equipped, but the agency did not have the
funding to equip all vehicles. In
car recording systems protect both the public and
officers from false a
ccusations and complaints, and have proven invaluable as evidence
in criminal prosecutions. This does not create a windfall situation for the agency.
To implement a data system, including hardware and software, with accompanying,
for Virginia's Internet Crimes Against Children task forces. The system will
solve a number of issues investigators face as they investigate Internet crimes against
children. Specifically. the system will create a deconfliction system allowing all ICAC
fficers in Virginia to prevent working the same target and also unknowingly working
each other as undercover agents; create a repository of child pornography images that
have been seized in VA investigations to comply with Virginia Code Section 19.2
requiring such a registry be established and made available to all investigators working
such cases; use a digital algorithm to "hash" all child pornography images reducing agent
exposure to child pornography images by up to 80%; allow for agents' immediat
e access
to all major investigatory databases maintained by FBI, Homeland Security, and other
ICAC task forces around the country; provide a database with pertinent information
maintained on targets under current investigation for Internet crimes which wou
ld be
accessible to all agents across the state.
Warren County Sheriff's Office
Sheriff Daniel McEathron
540) 635
To purchase mobile vision in
car cameras, a Live Link real
time video surveillance system, a
LETS 2.0 phone system
and a mobile surveillance van for undercover investigations.
Washington County Sheriff's Office
Sheriff Fred Newman
(276) 676
To improve their firing range with lights, electricity, water, and a building shelter with r
facilities which will be used by law enforcement while at the range.
Waynesboro Police Department
Captain Kelly Walker
(540) 942
To purchase a sniper rifle kit for SWAT, M
4 suppressors for SWAT, a rescu
phone for SWAT,
SWAT van with bench seating, breaching kit for patrol units, Grisham ballistic vest w/pouches, 5
Panasonic in
car video system, Dell Inspiron laptops, a Cannon 18
35mm camera kit, a Cannon
SX160 camera.
Weber City Police Dept.
Chief J.
Phillip Lane
0272 (c) or
The Weber City Police Department will receive $36,136.00 to pay for officer overtime and to
purchase pistols, holsters, vests and 3 DATA Radios for in
car comput
Westmoreland County Sheriff's Office
Major John L. Hoover, III
(804) 493
To purchase a van designed and equipped for safe and efficient gathering of evidence from crime
scenes and a video/audio monitoring system for the interview room.
Woodstock Police Department
Chief Eric Reiley
(540) 459
To purchase Tough Book Mobile Data Terminals which will allow the police department to
communicate more effectively with other agencies while also increasing internal efficiency.
This will ensure officers spend more time on patrol by reducing the amount of paperwork
required for reports.
Wythe County Sheriff's Office
Chief Deputy Keith Dunagan
(276) 223
To equip each vehicle with a patrol rifle. As the public be
comes aware that each vehicle is
equipped, it is anticipated that there will be fewer contacts with assailants armed with long guns
and lesser likelihood that a shooter will attack one of the local schools.
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