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Virginia on track for record gun sales

Virginia is on track to break its annual gun sales record thanks in part to a successful Black Friday.

According to the Virginia State Police, 3,902 people purchased guns last Friday compared to 3,856 gun buys on black friday last year.

"We sell a lot of firearms at Christmas," says Jerry Cochran, owner of Trader Jerry's.

He adds gun sales at his two stores accounted for about ten per cent of Virginia's record gun sales on Black Friday.  Cochran says gun sales will increase every week until christmas.

"It's a perfect Christmas gift. A lot of fellows have planned all year and all they want for christmas is a new firearm. Firearms are relatively expensive and a very good investment," says Cochran.

Another factor driving the increase in gun sales is politics, but specifically in Virginia it's state politics.

"There's been a lot of gun talk this whole year. We've just had a new election with a new governor that's leaning to be anti-gun in Virginia so all that spurs business just a little bit," says Cochran.

The record Black Friday gun sales doesn't worry Bluefield Virginia Police Chief Harry Cundiff.

"I don't think as law enforcement we're as worried about the legal sales as we are the after.  They belong to the owners but what happens to them then like the thefts and the use even by someone else in the home," says Chief Cundiff.

"Everybody that brought a gun on Black Friday went through a criminal and mental background check in Virginia and passed it," says Cochran.

Cochran says gun sales from Black Friday this year are up 30 per cent compared with Black Friday last year.

As of Monday, gun transactions totaled 431,693. The record is 432,387 set in 2012.


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