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Criminal complaint offers multiple accounts of altercation involving CU players


ATHENS (WVVA) - A criminal complaint obtained by WVVA News has revealed more details about the altercation at an Athens-area apartment that resulted in injuries to one man and the suspension of three Concord University football players.

The document contains accounts from both the victims and suspects in the Nov. 11 incident.

The three suspended players -- Russell Bailey, Riyadh Richardson and Marrico Sanders -- were each charged with malicious wounding, petit larceny and conspiracy stemming from the altercation.

The victim in the incident suffered from a swollen face, cut lip, and bruises to the eye, cheek and ribs.

According to the criminal complaint, the victim told sheriff's deputies that the three suspects -- who he had recently met through a mutual friend -- came to his Hinton Road apartment at approximately 7 p.m.

While inside the residence, the victim alleges that Sanders picked up a handgun that was kept on the kitchen counter -- while the victim's back was turned -- then tried to aim it at him. The victim then rushed toward Sanders in an attempt to point the firearm upward.

While doing this, the victim alleges that Richardson struck him in the head -- then all three suspects began to beat him.

The victim's girlfriend told deputies that she attempted to get Sanders off the victim, was able to turn the gun on Sanders and tried to turn the safety off. She then said she was pushed by Sanders and he took the gun from her.

The girlfriend said she observed a second gun on Sanders before the three suspects left the scene.

The suspects offered a different account of the incident.

All three told sheriff's deputies in individual interviews that they went to the apartment to purchase marijuana.

Bailey told deputies that while in the apartment, the victim appeared "high on something." Bailey gave the victim -- who he said he didn't know personally -- $10 to purchase a small amount of marijuana.

Bailey said the victim then began waving a gun around and pointing it at the suspects without saying anything. Bailey said that Sanders then approached the victim and wrestled the gun away from him. The three men then fled the scene with the gun and Sanders hid it under some rocks in a nearby wooded area.

Bailey said he never saw Sanders with a second gun and that they planned to take the victim's gun back later in the week.

Richardson told deputies that Sanders and the victim had been texting earlier in the day in reference to a marijuana purchase. While at the apartment, Richardson said that the victim picked up the gun and Sanders then went toward him to take the gun from him. Richardson then hit the victim, Sanders took the gun and the three left the scene, tossing the gun in a wooded area. Richardson also said there was no other gun present.

Sanders told deputies that the victim was acting "weird and was high" at the apartment. Sanders said he noticed the gun on the counter and reached toward it, at which time the victim turned around with the gun and said "no dope, no money."

Sanders said the victim came toward him with the gun, at which time he grabbed the gun and a struggle ensued. Sanders said the gun was knocked loose and picked up by the girlfriend. Sanders then took the gun from her who he said "also seemed high."

Sanders told deputies that his hand was cut during the altercation.

Sanders said the three suspects fled with the weapon, wrapped it in a grocery bag and tossed it because they did not want to return to campus with it.

Afterwards, Sanders said the three ate at McDonalds, then drank some alcohol.

The handgun was recovered from a wooded area on Pumphouse Road. It has been processed as evidence.

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