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Local school prepares for the unthinkable

TAZEWELL (WVVA) -- Law enforcement and a traveling military simulation team spent Saturday afternoon at Tazewell High School doing several mock shooting scenarios.

Scenarios ranged from one shooter to multiple shooters and even a hostage situation.

Tazewell High School tells WVVA they're striving to keep kids as safe as possible in the event of a catastrophic incident.  

"We've learned that there is not a specific thing that you can plan for," Cynthia Beavers, principal at Tazewell High School.  "The things that we need to look for are the things that cannot be foreseen."

"I went through the Internet and looked through the news and found real things that have happened to people and try to help our area," says Drennon Leney, co-creator of Theta Airsoft, the military stimulation team.  "Luckily we haven't had stuff like this and hopefully we can prevent things like this, and if there's something that we can do to help our children or our staff, I'm all for it."

Airsoft has been around the world doing these sorts of drills.  They do it, not only to help, but also for fun and comradery.  


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