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The millennial generation must overcome challenges to excel in the workplace



(WVVA)-- There's a special name for the generation of children born within the past two decades-- "Millennials."

Experts say millennials have grown up around more technology than any other generation.

Cell phones, iPads, and all kinds of new websites-- these people are surrounded by technology. Millennials we spoke with say it's a big part of their lives.

But whether it's a perceived lack of communication skills, reliance on texting and email, or a battle for job experience in a world where immediate success is expected-- some say their road into the job market could be tough.

"We continually get from employers soft skills-- the young people need to know how to talk to people," said Mike Thompson from the Virginia Workforce Network. "They need to be able to talk on the telephone and not deal directly with technology like email or texting."

Others sited an increased reliance on parents as another trait of the millennials.

But millennials themselves say things are just different now-- and they're going to do their best to overcome those obstacles.

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