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Victims of Marlinton fire bouncing back from devastation

State road crews work to open the main road through downtown Marlinton after Sunday's devastating fire. Jan Skellion's hair salon was destroyed by the blaze.

"I got there and saw the entire block on fire.  It's gone.  It's all gone," says Skellion.

The next day Jan got a call from another hair salon in town, inviting her to set up shop and stay as long as needed.

"Actually, with the whole thing in the Philippines, just put it all in perspective for me. It's like yes it's going to be a financial setback but it's nothing like those poor people are dealing with," says Skellion.

"We lost everything that we ever owned from our clothes to mementos we've had for years," says Travis Underwood, one of 12 left homeless by the fire. He lived in an upstairs apartment with his daughter.

"It seemed like I was in a dream. It didn't seem real. It was just dreams and pictures and hopes just seem like going down the drain," says Underwood.

For now, he and others are staying at the Marlinton Motor Inn, wondering how to face what he calls an uncertain future.

"I hate to leave. I don't want to leave," says Underwood. 

As victims take center stage in recovery efforts, attention is also turned to the burned section of town, wondering life in downtown Marlinton will ever be the same.

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