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BE ALERT! Scammers are impersonating IRS workers

(WVVA) – Be alert for crooks impersonating IRS workers.

As Christmas is approaching, scammers are looking for any chance they can get it to take your money. NBC reports a new scam that you should know about.

The report says crooks are impersonating IRS workers by calling taxpayers tell them they owe money, which must be paid promptly with a wire transfer or pre-loaded debit card.

These scammers have spoofed the agency's phone number so it will appear as the IRS on your caller I.D.

The report says these scammers may even have part of your social security number.

Those who don't cooperate are threatened with arrest, deportation or other penalties.

The IRS will never require a pre-paid debit card or wire transfer, or ask for your credit card number over the phone.  

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