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UPDATE: Shot dog shows signs of improvement; officer releases statement


BLUEFIELD (WVVA) - The veterinarian treating a dog that was shot by a Bluefield, Va., police officer is showing signs of improvement.

Dr. Joe Blair tells WVVA News that the dog was walking around in fair condition, but is not stable enough yet for surgery to remove the bullet.

Meanwhile, the Bluefield, Va., police officer involved in the shooting -- Officer T. W. Carroll, issued a written statement to WVVA News on the shooting, which you can view by clicking here.

In the statement, Carroll says dog ran toward him in an aggressive manner and was approximately 1-1 1/2 feet from him when he fired the shot.

Carroll says he apologized to the dog's owner, Dwayne Lewis, for having to shoot the dog. According to Carroll's statement, Lewis said he understood.


A dog clings to life Monday night after being shot by a Bluefield, Va., police officer.

It happened while the officer was serving a restraining order, but the dog's owner says the whole thing could have been avoided.

Blood now stains the porch where Bear spent a lot of time.  Now the dog is at the veterinarian after being shot in the lung by a Bluefield, Virginia police officer.  Dwayne Lewis, the dog's owner says Bear was on his leash at the time of the incident and has been a member of the family for more than 8 years.

View photos of the dog submitted to WVVA News - WARNING: Some may find the images disturbing. Viewer discretion advised.

"I cried after just leaving my dog on the porch and stuff. It's just like shooting one of my kids and leaving him there with nobody to help me out," says Lewis. 

A spokesperson for the Bluefield, Virginia Police Department says an officer was trying to serve a restraining order to Lewis when the dog came running towards the officer barking, and he adds the dog would have bitten the officer had he not shot him.

"He said the dog came at him and lunged at him.  I know that dog would not do that," says Lewis.

In fact, Lewis says Bear has never been aggressive, adding the officer should have backed up and walked away.

"They know the dog has been here because cops come up every now and then when all this stuff taking place with my family.  They know the dog was there. I don't even know why they go to his door on that side when they had a door right here," says Lewis.

The dog is at the veterinarian and Lewis says the plan is to perform surgery to try and remove the bullet sometime Tuesday.

Lewis adds he is considering possible legal action over the incident.

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