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UPDATE: Smallwood enters guilty plea

BECKLEY (WVVA) -- A woman accused in connection to her toddler's death is found guilty.

Brandy Smallwood, 28, of Raleigh County entered a guilty plea Friday morning for one count of child neglect resulting in serious bodily injury for her deceased twin son, and another count of child neglect resulting in bodily injury for her living twin son.  She faces two to 13 years behind bars and maximum fines.

A charge of child neglect resulting in death was dropped because the prosecution feared they would not be able to prove Smallwood knew her child would die when she left him home alone with her new husband, James Green.  The beating happened on February 8, the couple's wedding night.  Both Smallwood and Green admitted to being high on oxycodone.

Smallwood will be sentenced in January.

Shocking new details made their way into Friday's hearing.  First, Smallwood has not one living child, but three, all under the age of eighteen.  As part of the plea, she will no longer have contact with them or any future children she may mother.  She has been deemed an abusive parent.

The prosecution also put on the record that Smallwood and Green married that Saturday in February with the intent to enter drug rehab the immediate Monday.  They wanted to be married so they could sleep together in rehab.


BECKLEY (WVVA) -- A woman charged in connection to her child's death is expected to appear in Raleigh County court Friday.

Sources say, Brandy Smallwood will plea guilty to child neglect resulting in death.  She and her husband, James Green, were arrested in February when Smallwood's two-year-old son died. 

Green recently entered a guilty plea on first degree murder and child neglect charges for the toddler's death.  He's facing life in prison.

According to court records, Smallwood and Green were both on drugs the night of the incident.  Smallwood apparently left to meet her drug dealer, leaving Green alone with her twin sons.  After she left, it was said that he beat them so bad, one of them died and the other was seriously injured.

WVVA's Caroline Bach is following this story.  Stay tuned to WVVA on-air and online for the latest developments. 

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