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SW Virginia Community College has virtual cadaver

Some students at Southwest Virginia Community College are getting a high tech learning experience.

Thursday morning the school unveiled their new virtual cadaver.

It shows a 3D image of a full size human body that students can rotate and dissect.

Nursing, health and forensic science students are just a few that will be learning from the virtual cadaver.

It cost $60,000.  The school received a federal grant to help with the cost.

In addition, the school spent $10,000 to purchase a case study library to go along with the cadaver, showing a variety of illnesses like kidney disease, a gunshot wound and cancer.

"We're going to do problem based learning by studying from problems that they are seeing and solving problems occurring in the health.  It will help them understand it and it will help them remember it longer," says Georgia Householder, Assistant Professor of Biology at Southwest Virginia Community College.

The school is one of two places in Virginia that has the virtual cadaver.

The other one is in Roanoke at the Virginia Tech-Carillion School of Medicine.

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