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Operation Safe Driver in full swing across West Virginia


From the biggest of trucks to the smallest of cars, all vehicles must share the road safely. Operation safe driver is an effort to make sure that happens.

"We will be looking for erratic drivers, drivers cutting commercial vehicles off, following too close and again.  We'll be looking for commercial vehicles also like the ones that tailgate that seem like they are pushing you down the road," says Sergeant D. W. Miller of the West Virginia State Police.

"We need to see each other," says Wayne Thomas or else he says an accident could happen.  He's driven trucks for 34 years and sometimes hauls heavy loads with his current job at Bluefield Gas Company. He's also seen his fair share of crazy drivers.

"You don't know what they're going to do. I've even seen them look like they are drunk, wobbling on the road, cutting in and out of traffic, crazy stuff, and here we are pulling a back hoe.  With a lot of weight behind us you have to be cautious,' says Thomas.

"When they are loaded down, they have a lot of weight on them especially on these West Virginia hills.  If going downhill and you cut over in front of them or if you have to stop suddenly or if you cut over in front of them expecting them to slow down, a lot of times they can't do that," says Sergeant Miller.

With winter just around the corner, Sergeant Miller says drivers need to be even more cautious around big trucks and oversized vehicles when the road are wet and icy.

During this enforcement effort, he says drivers could be cited for erratic driving, improper lane change and failure to maintain control if they hit something.

Although the effort officially ends Saturday night, law enforcement will continue to look for this type of driving behavior year-round.

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