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Drainage issues on Route 20 near Princeton


On this day it's raw sewage that has backed up along this section of Route 20 near Princeton, and business owners tell us it's not the first time. Because of poor drainage in the area, after it rains water backs up closing one lane of traffic.

"You have a pond, literally a pond that ends up in our lot. It's into the road. Every car that drives by, you're afraid to walk our the door, says Gary Watkins, owner of G.W. Wholesale, a used car lot along Route 20.

Crews from the Green Valley Public Service District worked to clean up the area and correct the sewage problem, but Watkins says the issue of the water drainage remains.

"It's not very pleasant. You can't do business is willing to stand and just be blasted with water," says Watkins.

Noah Van Blaricom owns a barber shop next door. He believes his business has also been effected.

"People don't want to park out there and get splashed as they come out of their vehicles.  That's the biggest part of it.  The smell is a little overwhelming but the water standing in the road is a great hazard," says Van Blaricom.

Regarding the problem, Tommy Camden, District Manager for the West Virginia Division of Highways says he or one of his workers will take a look at the area to see what can be done.

We'll let you know what happens.

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