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W.Va. Supreme Court Upholds Murder Conviction for Raleigh County Man

CHARLESTON (WVVA) – The conviction of a Raleigh County man for the first degree murder of his wife is upheld by the West Virginia Court of Appeals.

Christopher Bowling of Daniels fatally shot his wife Tresa, on Jan. 31, 2010.

Bowling clamed he accidentally shot Tresa in the process of removing the gun from his pocket and made the case that there were mechanical problems with the weapon that let to its unintended discharge.

Raleigh County Prosecuting Attorney Kristen Keller secured a conviction in July of 2011, by painted Bowling as a ticking time bomb; his wife's murder the inevitable outcome of a man who could explode at the drop of a hat. She pointed to Bowling's long history of domestic assault, and his evolving story since the night of the shooting to secure a guilty verdict.

Bowling filed an appeal with the West Virginia Supreme Court in May of 2012, citing several errors in his trial, including impaneling the jury, the pretrial hearing procedure, and the exclusion of evidence and witness testimony.

Ultimately, the Supreme Court ruled that the errors did not impact the outcome of the trial.

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