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Karen Tait funeral and transportation expenses

WAYNESBORO Va. (WVVA) - Following are the total expenses associated with the funeral and transportation of Karen Tait's remains from the United States to her native country of the Philippines, as submitted by the Waynesboro Police Foundation.

Chad's charges: $1,200.00

  • Picking up remains at medical examiner's office, preparation for cremation, cremation of remains, delivery of remains to airport for delivery to Philippines.

Delta Airlines: $900.00

  • Flight to Philippines to deliver remains.

Inman: $800.00

  • Arrangement of airline flight, sending and receiving remains to another country, communication with Embassy, consulate and funeral home and completing all paperwork required by the Filipino government to be allowed to ship remains.

Nuestra Senora: $2,500.00

  • Funeral home, picking up and receiving of the remains, all funeral expenses in the Philippines.

Contingencies                         $600.00

  • 10% of final amount

Total                            $6,000.00

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