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Local organization seeks reinstatement of non-profit status

BLUEFIELD, W. Va (WVVA)-- A prominent non-profit in the area is hoping the government shutdown doesn't go on for much longer as it awaits the re-instating of its non-profit status.

The United Way of the Virginias had that status revoked after a mix-up with the IRS, and with the government halting operations, this could mean big trouble.

WVVA spoke exclusively with The United Way of the Virginias Executive Director Michelle Carter. 

She said the IRS sent letters detailing a problem with the organization's 990 non-profit tax paperwork,
but they had the wrong address on file.

Carter said, "We contacted the IRS and they said 'We've been sending notices.' But when we questioned, 'To what address have you been sending those notices, because we haven't received it?' they gave us an address that wasn't our address. In fact, it was an address where we've never been located. 

As a result, the non-profit missed their deadline to fix the issue, and their non-profit status was revoked.

Carter said since they became aware of the issue and solved the address mix-up, they have been working as fast as possible to get that status re-instated.

"We just want to reassure our donors that we're out there doing what we're supposed to do," she said. "We are trying to get this corrected, we anticipate that we will be re-instated."

But it's going to take time-- and the clock is ticking.

"We were told two weeks ago that it would be four weeks [until we were reinstated]," said Carter. "However, since then the government has shut down. So we assume that will delay [the whole process]."

She added that they'd have to shut down if the government does not resume operations soon. The United Way Worldwide will have to remove their membership if they are not re-instated by the end of November.

The United Way of the Virginias is operating business-as-usual-- Carter says that means they are still collecting donations and using them the way they have always been intended.

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