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Congressman Griffith on Republican perspective of shutdown

The big question now is how long will the government shutdown last, and can Republicans and Democrats work out their differences.

Republican Congressman Morgan Griffith of Virginia says the House has already appointed negotiators but the Senate has not.

Perhaps the reason is Republicans have made The Affordable Health Care Act the center piece of the battle, while Democrats and the President say it's non-negotiable.

Congressman Griffith says Republicans have moved to the middle, going from defunding the bill to delaying just the individual mandate while pointing out Senate Democrats haven't budged.

"Frankly it's kind of offensive that he (President Obama) won't even negotiate and he won't have his friend Harry Reid in the Senate, his good friend and ally negotiate.  He won't sit down and have his allies and his minions sit down and negotiate with members of the Republicans in the House, the elected members of the United States House?  I mean goodness gracious, and to get on TV and try to make it like we are the ones that are unreasonable? Wow!" said Congressman Griffith, (R)-Virginia.

Congressman Griffith says if this fight over the affordable health care act costs Republicans control of the House, the fight will have been worth it.

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