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W. Va. law enforcement goes back to school on street survival

BECKLEY (WVVA) -- Law enforcement from all over West Virginia are getting a lesson in street smarts.

The Raleigh County Sheriff's Department is hosting a Street Survival Seminar at the Beckley-Raleigh County Convention Center Monday and Tuesday.

Around 300 officers are expected to be attending.

The seminar discusses how police officers die on the job, and if these deaths are preventable.  They use video clips from real situations to analyze.

"What'd they miss that was exhibited by the bad guys?  Did stress affect them?  Were they driving their car too fast?  Were they paying attention to the roadway?" says Jim Glennon on the types of questions they discuss after watching the clips.  Glennon is the owner and lead instructor for Calibre Press, the company who conducts the seminar.

"We even talk about the emotional aspect, emotional survival of police officers because police officers have a three to four times better chance of being killed with their own gun by their own hand than being killed by a felon on the street," continues Glennon.

Studies from Calibre Press estimate half of cop deaths are preventable. 

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