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Meadow Bridge responds to state board of education's one-year study

MEADOW BRIDGE (WVVA) -- One school is safe from the Fayette County Schools consolidation, for now.

The State Board of Education is putting the breaks on consolidating Meadow Bridge High School with Fayetteville and Midland Trail, at least for the next year.  They are overseeing a study that would see if education needs would be better met for Meadow Bridge students in Greenbrier and Summers' counties, if consolidation takes place.

Kaleb Farr, a Meadow Bridge junior, maintains the best plan for him is staying put. 

"Meadow Bridge is a great school, and I really wouldn't want to go anywhere else," says Farr.  He also notes driving time to other schools could take almost an hour for him.

For Meadow Bridge principal, John Henry, the strategy is just taking things one day at a time and worrying about the current school year at hand. 

"The most important thing is, I think, that we continue to have school like a good school should, to make sure the kids are getting the education they deserve," says Henry.

The potential consolidation is part of the school system's comprehensive plan to improve facilities. 

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