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Gauley season underway in Southern West Virginia

All year long whitewater rafting enthusiasts have been looking forward to this day.  It's the start of Gauley season where there is more excitement for rafters traveling down the rapids.

The start of Gauley Season means more water on the river, making whitewater rafting trips more action-packed and exciting. Thousands are expected to travel to Southern West Virginia to experience this unique adventure.

"Your fall rafting season with the rafting usually goes up about 40% from what we normally experience in the summer, and we have had such a great summer with rain, looking on the good side of things that is really given us a nice fall rafting season," says Sharon Cruikshank, Director of the Fayette County Chamber.

With thousand expected in the area, local businesses are getting ready. Cafe One Ten in Oak Hill has been open a little more than a year. They plan to be fully staffed and to have dinner specials to attract rafters and give them a boost in business.

"The winter time is a bit of a struggle. We have our locals, our regulars, but getting that bump from rafting season.  Everyone around gets excited for Gauley Season to come because you know there is going to be a lot more people and a lot more money coming into the area," says Don Williams, Owner of Cafe One Ten.

Gauley season is a release of more water from Summersville Dam throughout September and October.

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