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Rockefeller undecided on military action in Syria

Thursday afternoon Senator Jay Rockefeller, (D)-West Virginia was in Bluefield to talk about the issue of black lung with experts in the field, hoping to learn how to make an existing bill in Congress better and stronger.

However, looming on the minds of many is the situation in Syria, wondering if this country will go to war again.

"I'm going to be studying the issue this weekend," says Senator Rockefeller.  He would not talk much about the Syria situation, saying he would announce his decision regarding military action next week.

"This is a major decision.  It cannot include boots on the ground.  It has to be time limited.  It has to be specific.  What you are dealing with core national security," says Senator Rockefeller.

He is the ranking member of the senate intelligence committee, and says he has seen the evidence regarding the use of chemical weapons in Syria.

"The main question is as it exists in the world and as it is used in the world, does it become part of a core national security threat to the United States and the answer to that is yes," says Senator Rockefeller.


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